Twitter is a powerful tool for marketing – when used correctly. It can help you with brand awareness, lead generation and building connections with your prospect customers. But the only challenge businesses face is building the strong follower base that will help them reap all those benefits.

In fact, 36% of marketers claim to have gained a customer through the platform. Having an active following on Twitter is an important aspect of social media marketing today, but growing your following is a challenge.

Here are 25 ways you can increase your Twitter followers:

1. Follow more people: According to a research, there is a direct relation between the number of people followed and the number of followers. Follow more people in your industry or niche, and even some potential prospects you would like to do business with.

2. Maintain consistency: Tweeting regularly increases the engagement on your account and its visibility, thereby increasing your follower count. Use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule your tweets.

3. Optimize your bio: When you tweet consistently, there are people who would be interested in knowing more about you. Optimize your Twitter bio to include your interests and what you want to be known for.

4. Add links in your tweets: According to a research, tweets with links get more retweets. Add links to your tweet that would redirect your users to relevant content. Remember not to mislead them.

5. Complete your profile: Use relevant keywords in your bio to rank better in Twitter search. Complete your profile a 100% by including your city, region name, business you work for, etc.


Here’s an example of a good Twitter bio.

6. Use hashtags: Make use of relevant hashtags in your tweets. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without. This helps attract new followers who are following those topics closely.

hashtag statistics

Usage of hashtags (courtesy Buffer)

7. Ask for retweets: Tweets with the phrase, ‘Please Retweet’, get four times more retweets than those without. So ask the people in your industry to share your tweets in their circles.

8. Connect with your email contacts: Get more followers by finding your email contacts on Twitter. Upload the list on Twitter and reach out to them. They are more likely to follow you back since they know you personally.

9. Include images in your tweets: According to a research, tweets with images get 18% more engagement than those that are only textual.

10. Promote your Twitter account: While paid promotion is certainly an option, you can also promote your account by including it on your website, business cards, signatures, brochures, other social accounts, etc.

11. Give yourself a face: Use a headshot as your profile picture if it is a personal profile. If it is your business’s account, use your logo that people can relate to across all channels.

12. Connect with like minded people: Find new Twitter users who share similar interests and connect with them. A handy tool for this is Twiends.

13. Make use of Tweet This plugin: Use the Tweet This WordPress plugin on your website and blog. It lets your visitors tweet your content easily, boosting your reach and attracting more followers.

14. Don’t skip weekends: A research by Dan Zarrella says that brands get 17% more engagement on weekends compared to weekdays. So remember to schedule your tweets on weekends.

15. Mention other users: Drop references in your tweets or give credits where they are due. Mentioning other users in your tweets increases the chances of them engaging with you. If your answer to a tweet is informate, make sure the @mention is in-between or at the end of the tweet to make it public.

16. Share quotes often: Tweet out motivational or happy quotes every once in awhile. They are known to resonate with every and get more retweets.

17. Keep track of relevant conversations: Find out what other Twitter users are talking about your brand or industry using tools like Social Mention. Respond to tweets where appropriate.

18. Participate in Twitter chats: Chats are the best way to engage with your customers and interact with like minded people on insightful topics. Follow those chats closely and contribute to them in a relevant manner to increase your following.

19. Pin your top tweet: If there is tweet that you want people to notice or a tweet that has previously got a lot engagement, pin it at the top of your profile. Remember to include an eye-catching visual as well as a relevant link to it.

20. Engage with influencer content: Retweet and like content shared by influencers in your industry. Provide relevant feedback to add value to the post and get more followers.

21. Share different types of content: Tweet out different content types – blog posts, infographics, quotes, slide decks, videos and gifs that are relevant to your niche. You can also share the same piece of content in different ways. According to Moz, a tweet’s lifespan is about 18 minutes.

22. Test different tweet timings: Test out different tweet timings on different days and observe what works for you the best. According to a post on Social Media Today, you should try tweeting between 1 pm and 3 pm when Twitter traffic is maximum.

23. Share content from others: Don’t always bombard your followers with your content. Be a generous retweeter. People like to know their content is being noticed and they might just return the favor, giving your content more exposure.

24. Make use of Twitter cards: Use Twitter cards to increase your visibility and engagement. Implement it on your website so that when people share content, the rich media gets included with the tweet.


Different types of Twitter cards.

25. Don’t buy fake followers: Even though there are those who offer you thousands of fake followers for a few dollars, don’t fall for the trap. Instead promote your account or run paid ads. But remember to A/B test different variations and monitor the results closely with tools like Adalyz before investing a bigger budget.

We’ll end this post at 25 tips for you to try!

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Happy Tweeting!