The dynamics of a digital business are immensely chaotic. Even though it is a fantastic way of reaching people, it still throws atypical challenges on those practicing this craft. That’s because, the scope of work for a digital marketer is huge and involves handling content, social media, email marketing, analytics, SEO and other such elements.

More often than not, digital marketers get entangled in the web of these puny challenges in the absence of a solution.

We decided to end this misery by exploring the most evident challenges, and finding solutions to these head-wrenching, neck bending issues! But that’s not enough. Apart from actionable solutions to these problems, we will also leave you with some tried and tested tools that have often come to the rescue of digital marketers.

Content Marketing

The digital world has been yelling about content being the king, making it the top most priority for digital marketers today. Industry experts and brands vouch for its effectiveness in building brand awareness, driving traffic to a website, generating sales leads, improving customer retention and converting leads into a customer.


Content management is an enormous task and involves developing, editing and curation as three significant challenges. A digital marketer has to juggle all forms of content like articles, E-books, content for social media posts, infographics and more, each day.

We’ve listed a few possible shortcuts to simplify these tasks:

  1. Begin by developing an accurate content calendar each month. This will help you in visualizing the number of posts to be developed. A lot of digital marketers that I know get overwhelmed with the idea of content. In the absence of a content calendar, they do not have a blueprint to work on, which further impacts content delivery and stress built up. Here’s a quick template to get started!
  2. Use tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway app, and others to simplify writing and editing of your original content before you hit that publish button. The job of a digital marketer handling content may also involve dealing with images, etc. Here’s a list of must-have tools for all content marketers.
  3. Sign-up for content management softwares to minimize the workload.

Spending dedicated hours on curating content is a task. Therefore, it is best to make a list of ‘go to websites’ and forums that talk about topics that interest your target audience. You may also try and use various content discovery or content curation tools such as DrumUp, Feedly, and

Social Media Management

Social media has become the face of brands today. It’s not surprising when digital marketers become a nervous wreck when it comes to its management. A missed conversation, a negative mention and keeping customers appeased on social media is a full-time job in itself. As a digital marketer if you are handling this as well, it is time that you let dedicated tools handle it for you.

social media

Two noteworthy names in the industry include social media tools like Buffer and HootSuite that can help you with social media post scheduling and analytics for multiple social accounts.

A big part of social media monitoring lies in social listening. While it may be simpler for smaller brands to spend endless hours in searching each social mention, it is nearly impossible when it comes to bigger brands or when you are handling multiple accounts. The best way to deal with it is by investing in tools such as Mention or using integrated tools like

Web Analytics

Running a digital marketing business without investing time on analytics is like setting sail without a map. You will never know where you are headed. The good news is most digital marketers invest huge man hours on analyzing metrics, the bad news is that they analyze too many vanity metrics! Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Eggs and Kissmetrics states the he prefers analyzing metrics that are to do with customer lifetime value, churn and conversion as opposed to bounce rates, followers on social media, the number of email subscribers, etc.

Knowing the right metrics to be considered is like winning half the battle. Most marketers trust Google analytics as their preferred tools for analysis. Kissmetrics is another worthy addition to the list of web analytics tools. I’ll leave you all with this interesting read by Avinash Kaushik.

E-mail Marketing

Who can deny the benefits of a great email marketing campaign? It is a wonderful way of building a loyal base of users and acts as a feeder for other marketing campaigns. Major email marketing problems include a decrease in click through and open rates, unresponsive recipients, etc. Most often these problems can be resolved by revamping the content and A/B testing it thoroughly.

email marketing

Thankfully, familiar tools such as MailChimp offer inbuilt analytics and A/B testing options. You may also explore other tools depending upon your requirement.


SEO is one segment of digital marketing that poses serious problems for a digital marketer. Problems such as duplicate content, bad sitemaps, lack of quality title tags are a few issues that often crop up.

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All this can be eliminated by introducing quality keywords, developing and promoting original content, giving credit to the original content and timely updation of search engines in case of any fresh updates on the site. The tools that can come handy here are Google Webmasters Tool and Moz.

A digital marketer’s challenge is not just restricted to the one’s mentioned above. However, these are the ones that suck out the best hours of an otherwise productive day. Taming them is easy, once digital marketers are aware of the right solutions.

How do you handle issues pertaining to digital marketing? Share your inputs in the comments below.