Facebook Canvas Ads has literally taken the digital marketing industry by storm. With 53% of users of the social platform opening these ads, it comes as no surprise that businesses – both B2B and B2C are trying to experiment with the feature.

Canvas allows the marketers to use interactive elements like carousels, product catalogs, animations, videos, animations and more. These appear as News Feed ads, but don’t take the user to an entirely other platform on clicking. They seem like they are linked to the platform and don’t break the user flow.

The ease of building a Canvas ad makes it all the more appealing for businesses. Brands can create their own canvas using a self-serve tool. Facebook offers a design tool that lets them drag and drop elements, set attributes and start the campaign in minutes. There is absolutely no coding required with this feature!

Users too can simply identify Canvases by a little arrow that denotes the ad can be experienced on a full screen.

Canvases can be built at no extra cost, businesses would only need to pay as per the normal Facebook advertising charges. Probably that’s the one reason most marketers are willing to experiment with it!

So after a little bit of our own experimenting and looking into how popular brands are leveraging Canvas ads, here’s a list of things you could use canvases for to market yourself better.

1. Share your brand’s unique story

Since canvases allow you to use rich media, you can create a storyline for your brand and share it with your target audience. Using visuals or videos, share the story of how your brand came into being and how it grew to what it is. You could use the opportunity to share your mission, vision and values with your audience that will make them relate to you more.

2. Showcase what your products are made of  

The one thing that most people from the consumer market want to know today, is how a certain product was made or how a service is delivered. You can use the canvas to showcase exactly what goes behind each of your products or services.

For instance, Wendy’s used a canvas to show the users what goes inside their yummilicious burgers. It helps them also set the impression of how transparent they are with their consumers!

wendy canvas ads

3. Give a sneak peek into a new product line

If you have a product range that you’re launching in sometime, use the canvas to introduce your users to it before it is actually launched. Give them a sneak peek into the products they could expect on your website in a few days. Alternatively, you could use the canvas to showcase an existing product line as well!

For instance, Mr Porter used the Canvas ad to showcase their athletic product range. Users could browse through the different categories and click through to their website if interested in a particular product.

mr porter canvas ads

4. Introduce or launch a new product

Continuing on the point above, you can also use the canvas to launch a new product. New products are usually looked forward to, but sometimes require a bit of introduction so that the consumer market can trust them. This is where you can use the power of storytelling in your canvas for a grand launch!

For instance, Coca Cola used the canvas to launch their latest aluminium bottle!


5. Share a behind-the-scene instance

It isn’t always necessary to share something related to the product directly. You could share a behind-the-scenes moment with your target audience too. It could be a major event that recently took place or a successful campaign that even they were a part of.

For instance, Gatorade used a canvas to celebrate Serena Williams win in the 21st major championship. They created a campaign wherein they had graffiti done across New York to create one of kind mural. So they used the opportunity to show their people how they got it done.

serena williams canvas ads

Over to you

Canvas ads are a great way to boost your target audience’s experience and yet, at the same time not compromise on the brand message you want to convey. In fact, it opens up opportunities to run better ads that seem actually ‘relevant’ and ‘contextual’ to the users – there by increasing not just their click rates, but also their conversion rates.

What else do you think canvas ads can be used for? Have you seen a canvas that has really impressed you with the experience it was able to deliver? Don’t forget to link us to it as well!

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