5 AdWords Tips to Help Your B2B Company

Google AdWords is a staple of any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, and it’s popular among B2B companies in nearly every field. But if you want your AdWords efforts to end in success, you need to know the best practices to follow. Whether you’re new to AdWords or want ways to improve your current campaign, use these tips to get better results.

1) Determine Negative Keywords

The AdWords negative keywords feature lets you determine which search terms to exclude so you get more relevant leads. For example, if you sell spiral notebooks, people might click on your “notebook” ads thinking you sell notebook computers. If you add “notebook computers” and similar search terms to your list of negative keywords, you can avoid traffic from consumers who are not interested in your products. To get an idea of negative keywords for your campaign, use AdWords’ search term report.

2) Target People at the Bottom of the Funnel with Action Keywords

If you want to target a relevant audience and get qualified leads, use action words that potential buyers would use in a search. Examples of keywords to use include “buy,” “purchase,” “demo” and “trial.” This way, you’ll end up with leads who are looking to buy or try out your products or services.

3) Put Extensions in Your Ads

A simple way to get more visibility and a better click-through rate is to put extensions on your ads. An extension not only takes up more space on the results page but also offers additional information to your audience, such as your location, phone number or prices. This is why extensions are always recommended on AdWords.

4) Take Advantage of Gmail Ads

Many AdWords users forget about Gmail ads, but these make it easy to target customers based on their interests. For instance, if a Gmail user gets a lot of emails about tennis, they’re likely to be receptive to ads for tennis-related products and services. You can even use Gmail ads to be seen by your competitors’ audience since you can target people who have visited certain websites.

5) Use Landing Pages Wisely

The typical landing page for ads prompts readers to contact the business, but that action isn’t appropriate for everyone who reaches the page. Some want to learn more before contacting your company. That’s why it’s helpful to have two kinds of pages: one direct-response page and one page with content downloads. You can even include both gated content downloads and a contact form on the same page. Either way, you get their contact information.

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