Our Mission

Digital Advertising is growing at a break neck pace every year. Social media is at the center of this growth with every brand vying for customer eyeballs. Ad Tech is where all the action is – using technology to get the most bang for the buck. With increasing competition every year ad tech is what differentiates brands trying to make a mark. Adalyz is an ad tech company that wants to help advertisers make better decisions and achieve their campaign goals.

If you are a company doing digital advertising Adalyz is for you. If you are a startup, a SME or an ad agency we have built this product keeping your problems at the center. With Adalyz you can make data driven decisions. You get a unified view of all your digital campaigns, you can track conversions, see which affiliates give you better ROI, where does your traffic come from and much more.

Our People

We are a team of digital advertising experts and ad tech geeks. With more than 30+ years of industry experience we are a team of professionals building a world class ad tech platform to help digital marketers in constantly evolving advertising world. We started on this journey in 2014 starting with a survey of digital advertisers to understand the current problems every digital marketer is facing.

Our Product

With ever increasing ad platforms keeping track of campaign performance and ad spend is not trivial. Also advertisers want the right data points to make correct decisions. Filtering so much ad data quickly is a problem. Keeping all of this in mind we started working on Adalyz using the latest tech to build a unified ad analytics and reporting platform. We launched Adalyz web app in late 2015 and mobile app in Ad Tech Conference in March 2016.

Get in touch!

We are based out of New Delhi, India the digital hub.  Give us a shout for a friendly chit chat or anything ad tech. Reach out to us at support@adalyz.com.

Meet Our Team

Suchit Puri
Suchit PuriCo Founder and CTO
Suchit is a tech enthusiast. He has worked on systems which can handle massive scale of billion of users and terabytes of data. He is also the author of a popular book “Ember.js Web Development with Ember CLI”. He regularly speaks at tech conferences around building scalable systems.
Vineet Shukla
Vineet ShuklaCo Founder and CEO
Vineet is a digital marketing enthusiast and a product guy at heart. With 15+ years of industry experience, he has worked in a various domains, with startups and enterprises. He is very customer centric and wants to use tech to help customers and brands achieve their goals.

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