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Best Practices To Follow During The Holiday Season For Display Ads Across Facebook, Twitter & Adwords

By | December 8th, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

The last couple of weeks just before the holidays can prove to be highly profitable for businesses as it is the largest consumer spending time of the year. It is that period in which customers buy Christmas or New Year gifts for others. Since almost everyone spends a major part of the day (in chunks, [...]

An Overview Of The Latest Changes In The Digital Industry

By | October 19th, 2016|Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

If you work in the digital industry, you know a lot has changed in the past two years. We understand how overwhelming that can be provided that 2 years is not a long time at all! But the truth states otherwise. Facebook accounts for over 90% of shares on social media. Twitter doesn’t have a [...]

How FB Live Is Helping Marketers Create A Brand Or Sell Products

By | August 17th, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

Funky Fairy is an online store based in the UK that sells personalized, embroidered gifts for kids. When owner Vicky Stewart decided to do an independent Facebook Live to liquidate the personalized items with kids’ names from her overstock inventory, little did she know it would be such a massive success! The first sale was [...]

Smart Ways To Effectively Mine Social Media Data

By | July 21st, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

An article published by Forbes on Feb 2016 stated that social media spending is expected to contribute to 20.9 per cent of marketing budgets in the next 5 years. This figure is a testament to the fact that social media does contribute to a firm’s performance – in one or the other. According to a [...]

How To Identify The Best Performing Ads On Facebook, Google & Instagram

By | July 9th, 2016|Digital Marketing, Instagram Marketing|

The current digital space is brimming with all types of data. Therefore, an in-depth analysis is necessary in the case of all digital strategies. Having said that - everyone knows the use of social media for professional reasons has grown exponentially in the last few years. From creating a demand for a particular product or [...]

Removal Of The 20% Rule On Facebook: What Does It Mean For Marketers

By | June 21st, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

It is a moment of joy for social media marketers. Facebook has finally removed the 20% rule for advertisement from the platform. This means that creatives with too much text on them will no longer be rejected. This is good news indeed, right? It is! The rule was added years ago with a motive to [...]

Must Follow Social Media ROI Tips

By | May 25th, 2016|Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

For businesses, social media is not just restricted to scheduling posts on time and maintaining an online presence anymore. Today, it is more about how the platform can contribute to generating revenue for the company. A lot of time and energy is invested in creating a strategy, writing and designing posts and implementing campaigns. And [...]

How To Create Compelling Video Ads And Measure Their Success

By | May 9th, 2016|Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

We have now entered a time and age where interactive visuals matter. Whether this is a sign of digital evolution or us becoming lazier by the day - the importance of videos is finally being noticed by marketers and brands. Today almost all companies have invested or plan to invest some amount of their marketing [...]

Simple Social Media Strategies B2B And B2C Companies Can Leverage From

By | April 24th, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

Social media has turned the entire world into one big neighbourhood. From where businesses had to move from door to door in their neighborhood to sell their products and services, they can now actually sit down at one place and get it all done. Today, social media is being aggressively used by B2B and B2C [...]

4 Points To Consider While Defining Your Social Media Plan

By | April 1st, 2016|Social Media Marketing|

It’s a given that a business without an online brand identity can’t thrive, in this time and age. And if it is unable to engage with its customers, prospects and the world at large - the scenario is even worse! A 2013 research conducted by Constant Contact revealed that over 50% of small businesses need [...]