5 successful B2B AdWords best practices

5 AdWords Tips to Help Your B2B Company Google AdWords is a staple of any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, and it’s popular among B2B companies in nearly every field. But if you want your AdWords efforts to end in success, you need to know the best practices to follow. Whether you’re new to AdWords or want [...]

Tracking Ad Campaigns with Google Analytics

Whether you are a seasoned digital marketer or a passionate new starter, you will realise that what differentiates a successful Digital marketer from the rest is their ability to track and measure every ad campaign and find trends which are easily overlooked by a normal eye. This continuous cycle of tracking, analyzing and optimizing is [...]

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Understanding Multi Channel Attribution Modelling – Demystifying your attribution data

Last year advertisers spent close to 194 Billion USD on digital advertising and this number is expected to reach 355 Billion USD by 20201. Digital advertising has become one of the most cutting edge markets today. This is something that has not happened overnight, the industry has come a long way from simple text ads [...]

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Track your Organic, Paid, Email and Affiliates Traffic using Adalyz Links

As an advertiser, we want to know more about how our digital relationships evolve. As an affiliate marketer the aim is to increase audience for brands, and to increase the commission and make lots of money! In order to achieve your advertising or marketing goals, it’s likely you will begin promoting offers using a range [...]

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Best Practices To Follow During The Holiday Season For Display Ads Across Facebook, Twitter & Adwords

The last couple of weeks just before the holidays can prove to be highly profitable for businesses as it is the largest consumer spending time of the year. It is that period in which customers buy Christmas or New Year gifts for others. Since almost everyone spends a major part of the day (in chunks, [...]

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An Overview Of The Latest Changes In The Digital Industry

If you work in the digital industry, you know a lot has changed in the past two years. We understand how overwhelming that can be provided that 2 years is not a long time at all! But the truth states otherwise. Facebook accounts for over 90% of shares on social media. Twitter doesn’t have a [...]

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Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords: Optimizing Your Marketing Budgets

Optimizing marketing budgets is a common challenge across the B2B and B2C industries. And with the rise of new digital channels every other day, it is getting harder for marketers to achieve an ROI that justifies their spend. With Google practically processing over 40,000 searches every second and Facebook having 1.13 billion daily active users, [...]

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Hurray, Twitter is now Adalyzed!

We at Adalyz are happy to announce that our smart analytics tool now supports Twitter too! Or as we like to say, “Twitter is now Adalyzed!” What does this mean for digital marketers? Now you can link your Twitter account to Adalyz and monitor all your campaign results via our dashboard. The best part being, you [...]

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Facebook Introduces Ad Control For Users And This Is How It Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Over the years, Facebook has been working on algorithm changes that make a user’s experience on the platform more contextual in nature. From new ad formats aimed at complementing rather than detracting their experience online, the social platform has been going the extra mile to change what digital advertising looks like today to make it [...]

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How FB Live Is Helping Marketers Create A Brand Or Sell Products

Funky Fairy is an online store based in the UK that sells personalized, embroidered gifts for kids. When owner Vicky Stewart decided to do an independent Facebook Live to liquidate the personalized items with kids’ names from her overstock inventory, little did she know it would be such a massive success! The first sale was [...]

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