If you are social media marketer, chances are that you struggle with content every day. One of the most common struggle is zero or negligible engagement on your social media posts. This despite a robust content strategy in place.

It is spiteful to see fruitful hours go waste in the absence of a single like, share or retweet, isn’t it?

How do I know all this? Because friend, you aren’t alone in this sojourn. After handling social accounts for numerous startups, I’ve learned a simple technique that changed the way users responded to my social content, which is..

“Maintain a contrast in your social content. One shoe doesn’t fit all.”

Most social media marketers make this puny mistake sometime or the other. Considering that their users may be following them on multiple social media account, they take away the sense of novelty from their shared content. In simple words, there’s isn’t a fresh reason for them to engage with your content.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best ways to maintain diversity in your social content. Apart from this, I will also share tips and tricks to make your content shine. So let’s explore these nuances without much ado.


What’s The Right Content For Facebook?

What’s the ideal content for Facebook? This is a perpetual (and agonising) question in the mind of social media marketers.

Facebook is the best place to showcase your content, be it your latest blog post or something that you are curating.

If you are posting original content, make sure that the featured image is populated, and there’s a visual going along with each post. Videos are also one of the most popular content types for Facebook. Look at any social media account and you will see an increase in the number of this content type. They are fast and, therefore, do not require much effort from the user’s end. Videos that become viral are all thanks to Facebook users.


Here are a few tips to on sharing content on Facebook:

  • Pull out the best takeaway from your article and churn them into a visual post. Canva is a great tool to do so.
  • Secondly, turn them into Slideshare or Youtube video.
  • That E-book that you published is screaming repurposing into videos.
  • If you are curating video based content ensure that the length of the video is not very long. Most users today consume content on a mobile devices, hence longer videos may affect the final engagement on your content.
  • Ensure that the content copy is engaging.
  • Asking questions is a great way to bring in more clicks and shares on your otherwise bland content.
  • Re-post your evergreen posts with a new image. Confused about the best image?
  • A/B test it in-house.


Striking It Right On Twitter

Who said 140 characters is a short space to showcase your content? Twitter can do wonders for your brand’s content if used effectively.

Young businessman prepare to start drawing concept. Isolated on white.

Young businessman prepare to start drawing concept. Isolated on white.

A few tips that can help you skyrocket retweets and favourites are listed below:

  • Put your best foot forward while drafting your tweets.
  • The inline image is a great Twitter feature and should be used to bring life to your words.
  • According to the Twitter blog photos increase retweet count by 35%.
  • Use tools like RiteTag to find the best hashtags and influencers for each tweet that’s going out. RiteTag also helps in identifying the ideal length, etc. for your tweet. Hashtags boost the retweet ratio by 16%.
  • Use videos and GIFs while interacting with your users.
  • Videos increase retweets by 28%.
  • Twitter is the best place to showcase quotations and statistics. The data analysis done by the Twitter team states that while quotes get an increase of 19%, tweets with number have shown an increase by 17%.
  • Use Twitter cards to push your content.


The Best Bet For LinkedIn Content

Let me begin with a statutory warning. When it comes to LinkedIn, have a second look before posting your content. Much to my horror, I have often seen social media managers indulging in posts that are beyond professional. I have a simple statement to make here, which is respect the medium.

linkedin marketing

Here’s the list of content that work and also the ones that should be avoided here at all times:

  • Any article or curated content that suits your brand’s image is apt to be posted via the LinkedIn company page.
  • Job postings and company insights are also a welcome category of content.
  • Posts that deal with industry relevant statistics, both visual and otherwise are a good bet too.
  • Another possible content type that can be shared with your users are company milestones.
  • Visual content can be in the form of banners, links to infographics or videos.
  • Avoid inappropriate content like puzzles or anything that is personal in nature.
  • DO NOT USE hashtags. LinkedIn is not a place for them.


What Say Instagram?

Instagram is taking the world by the storm, yet many social media marketers exclude it as a part of their social strategy. With over 300 million active users, it is time that you brand shows is present on this platform. While the content on Instagram is purely visual, it’s not just about posting pictures. What’s more important is the end message that reaches your users.

instagram marketing

A few tips that can catapult your user interactions are listed below:

  • Use a description along with each image that’s going out of your brand’s Instagram account. For example, a home decor brand can describe the various aspects of their newly launched cushion line.
  • Use hashtags. With a permissible limit of 30 hashtags (including caption and comments section), this is the best platform to leverage hashtag marketing!
  • If you plan to share content that is lengthy, provide users with a link in the bio. This may include links to your blog articles, sale page, limited period offers, etc.
  • Share ‘behind the scene’ content for building a personal relationship with your users. You may use Instagram videos to do so.
  • Use associated Instagram tools (filters and other apps) to make that image shine.
  • Use Hyperlapse. Period.


Content For The Google+ World

There’s a lot of buzz around Google+ being a dead entity. But till the time it brings organic SEO for your content, why should we complain?


Any and every type of content category is welcome on Google+, however, choose wisely.

  • Use smart tags to highlight your content.
  • Use Google hangout and build a more personalized audience.
  • Explore the path used by bigger brands like National Geographic and Lonely Planet.
  • Google+ offers an inbuilt image enhancement feature. Social media marketers should put to optimum use.


The Final Word!

Apart from the above mentioned social media platforms, there are others that need a mention too. Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr have also been attracting users is a unique manner. However, it is best to master the more popular ones before taking a plunge.

Every social platform has a unique identity and a feature that it provides to its users. It is always wise to enhance these via quality content, without being naive. By using the tips as mentioned above, you can make your content really shine.

So what are you waiting for?

Do let us know how these tips helped your social media content strategy!