We at Adalyz are happy to announce that our smart analytics tool now supports Twitter too! Or as we like to say, “Twitter is now Adalyzed!”

What does this mean for digital marketers?

Now you can link your Twitter account to Adalyz and monitor all your campaign results via our dashboard.

Twitter Analytics

The best part being, you will be able to track your campaign performance along with the others running on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. No more having to switch between tools for analytics and losing data!

You will get to see all your search, display, video and social campaigns, categorise them in smart folders and monitor them to optimize better via one unified dashboard.



Why is this important?

Often trying to track results of various social campaigns, marketers lose out on concrete data of their target market. This results in them losing out on market acquisition opportunities, understanding their customers better and also not being able to optimize their marketing budgets.

Adalyz digs deep into analytics of all your social campaigns and pulls them together on one dashboard. It also gives you the ability to club together social campaigns that fall under the same goal, helping you understand which campaigns perform better for your brand!

With actionable insights that let you know which ad network works the best for your business, Adalyz helps you get the maximum ROI on your marketing budgets.

And at the same time, helps save 90% of your time by collating data points for you to plan future marketing campaigns better.


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