As an advertiser, we want to know more about how our digital relationships evolve. As an affiliate marketer the aim is to increase audience for brands, and to increase the commission and make lots of money!

In order to achieve your advertising or marketing goals, it’s likely you will begin promoting offers using a range of methods, such as social media, email, and content marketing. The key to increasing your conversions is to understand exactly which promotional methods are giving you the best return on your investment (ROI). It’s impossible to know this without tracking links. We are proud to introduce Link Tracking from Adalyz.

With Adalyz you can now track all your marketing / promotion links along with your social media advertising, in one unified platform. Link tracking will tell you how many people opened your links, where your visitors are coming from and other useful insights in a easy to use visual dashboard. 

A new visitor is a potential customer. So why wait. Sign-up for a free trial now to increase your Sales! 

Tracking Links

A tracking link is a unique shortened link created to track the target URL. When you create a new tracking link, it will ask you to provide the “target URL” also called “Original URL”, “destination URL” or “Landing page”: this is the original link you need to track and the address to which the user will be redirected to.

For example, if your target URL (the link you need to track) is http://www.giftstore.giftstore/gp/gift-cards?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=Gift%20Cards&utm_medium=Email and the tracking link generated is, the user will be redirected to your website when he clicks on the tracking link. You should use the tracking link instead of the target URL to track clicks and views in any marketing message such as blog posts, web pages, Facebook and Twitter updates, emails, etc.

How does link tracking work?

Benefits of link tracking

You need to act now not tomorrow. Adalyz gives you click details  summary in a neat dashboard, so you can just glance to know how traffic is trending for your target URL.

Learn From Your Stats

Link tracking give you traffic (click) stats that allows you to make quick decisions to achieve your objectives. It gives you click details at various levels:

  1. By Device Type – Tell you if more mobile users are clicking the link than desktop users. If so you can tune/redesign your page and content to look better on mobile devices.
  2. By Browser – Recognise clicks coming from real visitors or spiders. It shows clicks breakup by type of browser e.g. chrome, Firefox, safari etc.
  3. By Operating System –  User coming from different operating systems e.g. windows, mac os, linux
  4. By Time of day – This tells you at what time during the day a user is most likely to click your link. This insight can help you to monitor your landing pages at that time, maybe run some more promotions at the same time, or give customer care/sales heads up on incoming traffic 
  5. By Location – Gives you geographical (city/country) breakup of incoming traffic for the link, so you can tune your landing or destination pages. It gives you a list of top locations for the target URL. Based on this insight, you can now put some local or specific content for customers coming from a particular region.


Secure and SEO friendly

We generate secure short urls so which are redirected over https. So you don’t need to worry about dropping SEO rankings or browsers marking your site as unsafe. You can create short links with custom alias (described below), so the links look human readable, and are search engine friendly. e.g. A short link with a good custom alias would like –

How to use Adalyz Link Tracking?

Log into your Adalyz account and open the “Links” page from the top menu. Then click on the Create Link button. A side pane will appear. Enter the details below and click on “Create Your Short Link” to create a new tracking link.

  1. Campaign name: Campaigns help you to organize your tracked links. Give a contextual and easy to remember name to identify the tracking link. This allows you to quickly recall the objective/goals of the target URL. e.g EasterPromotions, NewProductLaunch etc.
  2. Target URL: this is the original link you need to track and the address to which the user will be redirected to. This is the landing page on your website or the destination URL
  3. Custom alias: Add a unique short name, which will be added to the generated short url. For example if you add an alias ‘new-launch’ for a target url, the generated tracking short url would be
  4. Short link: the target URL together with custom alias, becomes the unique tracking link after being shortened for easy usage. Once your create a short link you can easily copy it.
  5. Use this tracking link instead of the original URL in your marketing messages (blog posts, web pages, promotions, Facebook, Twitter updates, Emails etc.).
  6. When a visitor clicks on the tracking link, they will be redirected, and the visitor’s  information (such as IP, country, keyword, source, etc.) will be tracked.
  7. Visitors are redirected to the original URL in milliseconds (over secure channel https). Visitors will not notice any differences between going directly to the target URL or via a tracking link.